DURKL Block Party Does It Up Right

by SUSANNAH LONG · June 1, 2010

    Aw, our Daily Style Phile Phavorites had a sweet weekend. DURKL, the hipster fashion label, threw a block party Sunday to celebrate memorial day. The surface of the DURKL warehouse parking lot sizzled, but that didn't stop Sweetgreen Sweetflow yogurt truck, Fojol Bros. meals on wheels and VitaCoCo from showing up.

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    In addition, there were grills fired up (including a special meat-free one), and outside games for the playin'. Indie kids gathered to soak up the blazing, cruel sun and listen to musical acts like Fort Knox Five, Will Eastman and Brian Billion (Bliss), the Nouveau Riche crew, Stereo Faith (Sorted), Chris Burns, Beautiful Swimmers, Jackie O and Lil' Elle (Kids), and Deep Sang (Dirty Bombs). And it was all totally free.

    Brian Tucci outside the DURKL headquarters. We're guessing the block party yard games didn't get quite this strenuous. [Photo courtesy of DURKL]

    "It's not about our brand," DURKL co-founder Cole Sharp told NBC. "It's about Washington DC coming together." Uh, it's kinda a lot about getting buzz for DURKL's brand. And rightly so. Who doesn't want a little publicity something-something when they throw an awesome block party?

    And awesome it apparently was, judging from fans on twitter, many of whom called for more DC block parties . . . Our favorite review is from UNDERDOGTHEDJ, who calls the party as "raw. just chill summertime vibes. played whatever i wanted too..free @VitaCoco water always helps!!!!!!" Is he getting an endorsement deal from VitaCoco? More importantly, can we get an endorsement deal from VitaCoco?