Electronic Arts' Learn.Build.Create Inauguration After Party

by Sophie Pyle · January 24, 2013

    Go HERE for more photos by Madison A. Dapcevich!

    Late on Monday night, A-List celebrities and guests popped into the W Hotel for a party hosted by Electronic Arts, the software company behind games like SimCity, The Sims, Need For Speed and FIFA. The "party with a purpose" celebrated EA's launch of SimCity.edu, and educational initiative that helps children learn about math, science and economics. Although it started late by Washington standards (11pm!), some of the stars still went on to party at the White House across the street afterward.

    Guests included: John Legend, Pharrell Williams, Malin Akerman, Rosario Dawson, Chrissy Teigen, Dr. David Washington, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.

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