Gilt City Kicks Off Rogue Sessions At Rogue 24 With Metrocurean's Amanda McClements

by guestofaguest · January 10, 2012

    [Keith Whelan, Amanda McClements, Chef RJ Cooper,  Marissa Schneider. By Alfredo Flores]

    Last night, Gilt City D.C. feted its inaugural insider, Metrocurean's Amanda McClements, at Rogue 24, 922 N Street NW. Amidst the snow, D.C. socials came out in support of Amanda, and to wish Chef RJ Cooper good luck before his open-heart surgery (which he went in for this morning). The event also kicked off the launch of Rogue Sessions, Rogue 24 and Gilt City's exclusive 10-week dining series rallying top chefs from around the country in support of Chef Cooper while he is out on medical leave.

    We spotted: Chef RJ Cooper of Rogue 24, Metrocurean's Amanda McClements, Keith Whelan and Marissa Schneider of Gilt City, Katherine Kennedy, Shannon Haley, Liberty Jones, Winston Bao Lord, Aba KwawuArash Shirazi, Linda Roth, Svetlana Legetic, Kate Bennett, Diane Gross, Barbara MartinJayne Sandman, Derek Brown, Angie Salame, Nycci Nellis, and many more.