Glamazon Diaries Summer Trend And Tweet

by Sophie Pyle · July 27, 2012

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    Makeda Saggau-Sackey started her huge fashion blog, The Glamazon Diaries, in DC a few years ago before taking it to the next level in NYC. She has popped back into DC a couple of times this summer, and made a big splash with the DC fashion bloggers at her Summer Trend & Tweet at the new David Rios Salon & Spa on Wednesday.

    Fashionistas filled their gifted pink Lands End tote bags with Makeda's favorite goodies, including Hourglass Makeup Calligraphy eyeliner pens, Reach designer toothbrushes, a Rembrandt whitening kit, Paul Ruff facial exfoliating pads, an instant manicure kit, Kerastase samples, and so much more. David Rios showed the gals how to do beachy waves on Karina Gutierrez, and Kate Michael and Sai Sankoh were the big gift basket winners.

    As Makeda explained each product, the bloggers tweeted about them.

    And yes, we noticed David Rios is smoking hot. His French accent made us melt, and it was soooo cute how it sounded like he said "bitch waves" instead of "beach waves" and we all could barely contain our giggles. However, you must remain composed, as he just got engaged last month. Lucky girl!

    Guests includedMakeda Saggau-SackeyDavid RiosKeyana CorlissElizabeth FassbenderJessica FranckAshley GagaErika Gutierrez, Karina GutierrezSasha Horne, Howard Lee, Nikki Rappaport, and Sai Sankoh.

    [Makeda Saggau-Sackey] [Karina Gutierrez, David Rios] [Kate Michael, Ashley Gaga]

    [Guests tweet about the products]

    [Kate Michael, David Rios, Makeda Saggau-Sackey] [Sai Sankoh]

    [Keyana Corliss, Jessica Franck] [Nikki Rappaport, Elizabeth Fassbender] [David Rios, Sai Sankoh]