Green Carpet Affair at Eastern Market

by NIKKI BOGOPOLSKAYA · August 26, 2010

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    Last night, we found ourselves venturing out to a quadrant we rarely explore when we are not vintage shopping or eating at a Spike Mendehlson joint: Southeast. We’d been to Eastern Market plenty of times to check out antique furniture, unique bling, and delicious fruits and vegetables, but never before had we seen the Great Hall so empty of vendors and full of music and mingling.-

    Wednesday night's Green Carpet Affair, brought to Eastern Market by The Monument Music and Arts Festival, was a perfectly pretention-free fun(d)raiser. The Monument Music and Arts Festival aims to bring together national and local musical acts to empower positive social change, both for the performers and their audiences. Yesterday's event promoted Monument's quintessential values—good music, a hip crowd, and emphatic support the "green community." Proceeds raised at the Green Carpet Affair benefitted DC Greenworks, the capitol region's preeminent green construction and low impact development (LID) consultant. DC Greenworks seeks to

    "discover, promote, and deliver cutting edge solutions that are cost effective, eco-friendly, and socially beneficial."

    Last night's patrons enjoyed the beats of DJ W.Ellington Felton (who was, as usual, awesome, and even gave us a free CD—hey, commute music, hey) and snacked on complimentary cheeses, crackers, and dips as Lagunitas Brewing Company provided free beer for all. We were hoping for an actual green carpet but were more than satisfied with chatting with the crowd and enjoying the tunes. Slideshows and speeches throughout the event encouraged the crowd to support Green Carpet, Monument Music and Arts' and Greenworks' mission: reducing the are'’s carbon footprint through simple, fun initiatives. Supporters of the local green scene as well as area businesspeople, philanthropists, and bloggers gathered to share ideas, drinks, and laughs.

    At this rate, we may leave our cozy Northwest quarters more often—anywhere for you, Wes Felton.