Green Cup Of Polo Kick-Off Event

by JACQUELINE WILLS · June 24, 2010

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    The Green Cup of Polo hosted its Kick-Off Event on Wednesday, June 23rd, at West End's Hudson Restaurant and Lounge. The night acted as a prelude to this Sunday's Green Cup of Polo, organized by Capitol Polo Club, and pegged as a day of sport, “green” awareness”, and even eco-friendly fashion. The Kick-Off event gave attendees an opportunity to talk amongst friends, support the “green cause” and preview the silent auction, which will act as a fundraiser at this Sunday's event.  The low light and trendy decor mixed well with the live band, proving Hudson Restaurant and Lounge a worthy venue for such a social affair.

    The crowded space showed the popularity of both the Green Cup event and Capitol Polo’s eco-friendly message. Guests moved easily from the inside lounge to the outdoor patio where they had the opportunity to be photographed with the horses.

    Among the guests were Redskins Cheerleader Ambassador, Vanessa Dennis and Wizards’ Girl, Laura Weil, both of whom showed their support for the eco-friendly theme.  Dennis and Weil wore designs by Samantha Pleet whose clothing will be featured with other eco-driven designers such as Dalia MacPhee and Vaute Couture in the Eco Fashion Show following the polo match this Sunday.