Guest Of A Guest's Happy Hour At Fujimar

by Sophie Pyle · March 28, 2013

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    Guest of a Guest readers met for a happy hour at Fujimar last night. After entering Lima, guests were escorted upstairs to the small space for $5 Yuzi-Mohitos, sweet plum champagnes and cocktails and generous $5 sushi rolls. The hot topic of the party: when the heck is spring coming?

    Guests included: Rudy Barry, Sanja Basarić, Alyssa Bonk, Irina Boyar, Chelsea Brown, Joel CasSarah CorsaroRachel Cunico, Gina Dakouni, Jack Eshelman, Alyssa FarahKathryn Goeke, Jeni Jefferson HansenJulie HeathAllison Matthews, Kate MaxwellMatt McGrath, Calley MeansLauren MooreKindal NewsomeBrittany PrimeWill Rabbe, Kaitlyn ReillyCourtney Jane RoselliniJana Sedlakova, Matthew Sullivan, Heather Swift, Jessica Tavares, Grace Willis, Lucien Zeigler, and GofG's Leigh Genetti and Sophie Pyle.

    [Heather Swift, Calley Means] [Kaitlyn Reilly, Kate Maxwell]

    [Tuna roll, spicy tuna roll and a Yuzi-Mohito]

    [Matthew Sullivan, Sanja Basaric, Rudy Barry]

    [Jana Sedlakova, Joel Cas, Rachel Cunico] [Courtney Jane Rosellini, Allison Matthews]

    [Brittany Prime, Will Rabbe, Kindal Newsome]

    [Chelsea Brown, Irina Boyar] [Alyssa Farah, Lauren Moore]

    [Julie Heath, Calley Means, Heather Swift]

    [Jessica Tavares, Jana Sedlavoka] [Rachel Cunico]

    [Matt McGrath, Sarah Corsaro] [Jessica Tavares, Dina Dakouni]