Halloween At The Old Post Office Pavilion A Rocking Good Time

by Sophie Pyle · October 31, 2011

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    Georgetown hotspots George and Mason Inn hosted a sea of young professional Washingtonians for Halloween bash at the Old Post Office Pavilion on Saturday night.

    It's too bad that the building is run by a bunch of hooligans, because it was really a fantastic space once you got inside. It is a wide open, 3-level pavilion with great acoustics for the musical acts, which were White Ford Branco, WanderEast and DJ Ricky Schramm that night.

    VIP ticket holders hung around on the top level, while the rest of us danced on the main level or scoped the crowd from the middle balcony.

    We saw plenty of: Black Swans, Katy Perrys, flappers, bananas, mariachi men.

    We're surprised we didn't see more: witches, Tron: Legacy characters, light-up costumes (we spotted only about 4 in the whole crowd), black cats, ninjas, Patrick Batemans, Cleopatras, Ghaddafis/arab rebels, politicians, schoolgirls.

    We loved: the crippled old man with the baseball cap (we saw him thank a British General for his service, hilarious), Hurricane Irene, the guy that came as "Up" complete with a house and balloons, Occupy Cookie Monster, the 80's ski team...