Hinge Glover Park Crush Party

by Sophie Pyle · December 7, 2012

    [Lindsey Johnson, Bennett Richardson] [Steph Laurine, Kristina Palangi, Courtney Jane Rosellini, Chelsea Brown, Kimberly Glenn] Go HERE for more photos from this event, and TAG your friends!

    Washington's most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes met at Town Hall for a crush party hosted by Hinge, a Facebook-based dating app that matches users' "mutual friends." Everyone was gussied up to meet their matches for the first time at the popular Glover Park bar, an appropriate place to meet since there is a large contingent of Hinge users that call Glover Park home.

    Hinge also hosted a popular flip cup tournament with their American University users last week, which featured teams comprised of Hinge matches.

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    Guests included: Hinge co-founder Bennett Richardson, his fiancee Lindsey Johnson, Peter Corbett, Steve Andronico, Jesse Biggers, Chelsea Brown, Laura Curtis, Chip Dent, Alyssa Farah, Kimberly Glenn, Kirsten Good, Jordan Haas, Lee Heffner, Alexandra Hershey, Alexa JohnsonSteph Laurine, David Miller, Diana Minshall, Cori Sue Morris, Kristina Palangi, Maggie Pitts, Meagan Riley, Courtney Jane Rosellini, Dr. Chris Rothstein, Ryan Seelbach, Jonathan Taft, Gordon Winn, and Lauren Wynns.

    [Peter Corbett] [Lee Heffner, Ali Hershey, Maggie Pitts]