Hirshhorn After Hours: Wild, Muggy, Campy Fun

by MADELEINE STARKEY · July 26, 2010

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    Despite the oppressive heat and humidity so thick you felt you were swimming through it, droves of people showed up for Friday night's Hirshhorn After Hours.  Party goers switched back and forth between dancing in the courtyard and exploring exhibits inside.

    Being in the museum obviously offered respite from the heat and humidity.  But what was more exciting were the exhibits.

    All open exhibits--Yves Klein (through September 12), Colorforms (through winter 2011) and Black Box: Chris Chong Chan Fui (through August 1, hurry!) were packed throughout the night, as people rushed to get inside before the 10 PM exhibit closing time.

    But the party lasted way longer than the art viewing opportunities.  And people danced like maniacs even though doing so guaranteed leaving the Hirshhorn completely drenched.

    Drag performer Summer Camp hosted the evening, which featured DJs Matt Bailer (Mixtape) and Bil Todd (Raw), both local talent.  Miss Camp, Matt and Bil all enjoy popularity within the gay communities, and the evening certainly exuded campy elements: the excessively trippy lighting, Summer Camp and her performer friends, electro music.  Delicious.

    Despite the mayhem that was buying drink tickets--in order to buy booze, or even water, you first had to purchase drink tickets, which many people didn't realize until the bar tenders told them as much--people imbibed copiously, which only increased the ferocity of their dance moves.

    We can't wait for the next Hirshhorn party.