"Jazz At The Jewel": Jazz In The Dumbarton House Garden

by MADELEINE STARKEY · July 22, 2010

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    While there never seems to be a serious dearth of evening activity options in the District, sometimes one wants something a little low key, a little relaxed, a little subdued.  When a calm is what you seek, the Jazz at the Jewel concert series, at the historic Dumbarton House, is just the thing.

    Hosted by the International Club of DC, "Jazz at the Jewel" features live jazz, wine, and grub.  Last night, Georgetown favorite Cafe Bonaparte provided both dinner-worthy tastes, and the really good stuff: their crêpes.

    Of all the crêpe options Bonaparte offered, we liked the Josephine the best: nutella and banana with a dash of powdered sugar.  Simply divine.

    This concert was not the kind at which you smuggle in illicit paraphernalia, but rather the kind you could comfortably attend with your parents, grandparents, children.  That is to say, only good, upstanding activity takes place at Jazz at the Jewel.

    The concert was overwhelmingly tame, but lovely.  Soft jazz against the backdrop of Dumbarton House's well manicured lawn and gardens is nothing short of refreshing on a steamy summer night.

    Only one installment remains in the concern series: Wednesday August 18.  Don't forget, or you'll have to wait until next summer.