Krista Johnson's Surprise Birthday Party

by Sophie Pyle · June 4, 2012

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    Socialite Krista Johnson was feted on Saturday night with a surprise river cruise on the Potomac River with her closest friends. Guests wished Krista a happy transition to 30-something as the sun set on the historic USS Sequoia Presidential Yacht.

    Guests included: Grant AllenLolly Amons, Chris Borgeson, Allison Priebe Brooks, Ryan Cunningham, Alexandra Hershey, Alexa Johnson, Katherine Kennedy, Laura Long, Carissa Maguire, Cathryn Minshall, Diana Minshall, Bambi Osborne, Maggie Pitts, Lindsey Rohrig, Nicole Modica SeifertKen Suarez, Josie Taylor, Bruce Thomas, George Vincent and Kendall Arney Vincent.

    [Chris Borgeson, Carissa Maguire] [Grant Allen, Katherine Kennedy]

    [Diana Minshall, Cathryn Minshall] [Ken Suarez]

    [Lolly Amons, Allison Priebe Brooks, Katherine Kennedy]

    [Bruce Thomas, Laura Long] [Nicole Modica Seifert] [Bambi Osborne, Josie Taylor]