Mistletoe And Cocktails At The Guards

by Sophie Pyle · December 2, 2011

    Last night was the 9th Annual Mistletoe & Cocktails party, held this year in the basement of The Guards in Georgetown. The party was hosted by Win Huffman and Fritz Brogan.

    The party marked the beginning of the Christmas party season for Georgetown socials, aka, "the December Bender."

    [Marisa Cattoi, Leyla Ballantyne, Cori Sue Morris; James Thorsen, Tyler Boyd, Robert Ransom; Lolly Amons, Krista Johnson]

    [Matt Serenius, Sarah Nichols, Chase Noyes, Jesse Biggers; Cori Sue Morris, Sophie Pyle, Becca Thorsen, Liz Owens]

    [Britt McHenry, Liz Owens, Sondra Ortagus; Alyssa Farah, Sarah Valerio]