Organization For International Investment Annual Reception And Dinner

by Sophie Pyle · December 13, 2012

    The Organization for International Investment (OFII) is an association of international business leaders committed to promoting trade and business across borders. This year, their annual reception and dinner was in Washington, at the Ritz Carlton. VIP guests enjoyed bites and drinks in an exclusive pre-reception on the premises, then a dinner with the rest of the association in the Ritz Carlton ballroom afterward.

    The event, which happened in late November, was the culminating event after several days of meetings, networking, and power lunches around Washington.

    Guests included: OFII President & CEO Nancy McLernon, Heather Podesta, Congressman Robert Dold, Pete Selleck, Michelin; Laurent Claquin, Head of PPR Americas, Gucci; Greg Sebasky, Philips Electronics; Anne Whitaker, Sanofi; Pierre Gauthier, Alstom; Ambassador Mauro Vieiri of Brazil; Ambassador Jean-Louis Wozfeld, of Luxembourg; Ambassador Rudolf Bekink of the Netherlands; U.S. 2012 Gold Medalist Esther Lofgren (rowing); Steve Olson from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; and Peter Lefkin of

    [Laurent Claquin, Nancy McLernon, Peter Lefkin]

    [Nancy McLernon, Anne Whitaker] [M: Brazilian Ambassador Mauro Vieiri]

    [Steve Olson, Greg Sebansky, Pete Selleck] [Budweiser execs]

    [Nancy McLernon]

    [Photos watermarked with permission of Jonathan Taft, A&G Productions]