Publicyte Launches At L2 Lounge With Microsoft's Mark Drapeau

by guestofaguest · June 23, 2011

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    Washington's brightest techies and socials met at L2 Lounge on Tuesday, June 21 for the launch of Publicyte, a new Microsoft digital magazine published by their Office of Civic Innovation.

    Man-about-town Mark Drapeau is the Editor-in-Chief of the publication, which will publish stories from writers inside and outside Microsoft. The stories will primarily be about the cutting edge people and technology driving innovation in the public and civic sectors.

    Guests partook in the digital playground Microsoft built for the evening. There was an Xbox Kinect station with fitness games (people seemed to really enjoy the digital hula-hooping), and a "hacked" Kinect hooked up to a computer showing what's coming next from Microsoft.

    Publicyte is a part of Drapeau's mission as Director of Public Sector Innovative Engagement to connect great stories about Microsoft people, products, and values with audiences in fresh ways. Drapeau's vision for Publicyte is something like Vanity Fair-meets-Wired-meets-Slate with content for an audience working in the public and civic sectors.