Record Comeback Continues With D.C. Record Fair

by BILLY GRAY · May 14, 2010

    DJs Fort Knox 5, Dredd, Alec MacKaye and COBRUHHH will headline the D.C. Record Fair on May 23rd at Black Cat. And although you might not know many people who've listened to music through something other than an iPod in the last five years, the shindig is just another sign of an imminent record revival.


    Seems unlikely, right? After all, all news has been bad news for record stores recently, with the closures of behemoths like Tower and Virgin across the country. But the mark of a true music fanatic is an undying loyalty toward vinyl and hard-to-find B-sides that require a stereo or other devices that are nearing telegram levels of extinction.

    New York's recent Record Store Day was a big success, with lines forming outside of East Village and Williamsburg indie music oases at 10 am. And it band du jour The National recently annexed a vacant storefront next to mercifully not-vacant  Other Music and installed a pop-up gallery and live performance space.

    Everything old is new again. And even as the digital craze shows no sign of abating, the continued love of anachronistic record stores proves that sometimes touching a musical product can be as satisfying as hearing it.