Rent The Runway's Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness

by Morgan Markey · June 29, 2012

    Go HERE for more pictures from this event by Joy Asico, and tag yourself and our friends!

    Wednesday night, Rent the Runway and CapFABB teamed up to host a fabulous party at American Ice Company. DC’s young and fashionable enjoyed good company and great summer cocktails, while showing off the latest summer looks. This event not only exemplified the female entrepreneurship of two awesomely cool organizations (RTR & CapFabb), it also got DC good and ready for the up and coming Fourth of July celebrations!

    Guests included: RTR's Michael Mandola, Felicia Alderman, Constance Christakos, Alison Coglianese, Sankalpa Dashrath, Liz Fassbender, Ashley Gaga, Sonia Gaillis-DelepineKimberly Robinson, Lauren Rothman, Sai Sankoh, Chelie Setzer, Emily Schutz, Stephanie Spear, Katherine Wynne, and GofG's Sophie Pyle and Carole Zidouemba.

    [M: Becky Cruz, Melissa Perla, Hilda Granados]

    [Liz Fassbender, Lauren Rothman, Sai Sankoh, GofG's Sophie Pyle, Alison Coglianese in Rent the Runway]

    [L: Michael Mandola]