Sean Hunter's Installation: "The Getaway"

by Sophie Pyle · May 15, 2012

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    On Friday night, photographer Sean Hunter had photographs from his travels on display for a party at Fathom Gallery. The installation, appropriately named "The Getaway," had flyers circulating around the 'web featuring the famously beautiful DC social Liz Owens, a close friend of Sean. Young art aficionados and socials flocked to see his work, and quite a few were spoken for before the party came to a close.

    Guests includedLiz Owens, Lisa Gillenwater, Becca ThorsenAmanda Jones, John Paul Hamilton, Don Patron, Brandon Ashley, Phil Caruso, Bridget RogersMegan McInerney, Brittany Pippen, Tatum Hunter, Frank Clements, Mary Grace McInerney, Caitlin Hunter, Meghan Keitz, Michael Houston, Michael Federico, Lilou Ana Sea, Florencia Gonzalez, Matthew Fay, Ashley Stanwick, Blake Melvin, Kerie Sample, Kristen Magnolia, Matt Harvey, Alia Murphy, Cori Pierce, Brie McInerney, Brandon Ives, Kate McMillan, Marcy Stech, Kate Mitsopoulos, Mary Mitsopoulos, Betsy Mitsopoulos, Laura Mitsopoulos, Mollie Weiland, and Matthew Makai.

    [Liz Owens, Sean Hunter]

    [Phil Caruso, Bridget Rogers] [R: Don Patron]

    [M: Brandon Ashley]

    [Liz Owens, Becca Thorsen, Lisa Gillenwater]

    [M: Sean Hunter]