Sip With Socialites February Happy Hour

by Sophie Pyle · February 14, 2013

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    The ladies of Sip With Socialites and their friends came together at Penthouse Nine PH9 for the February installment of their monthly happy hour circuit, this time benefiting Touching Heart. Almost everyone was into the Valentine theme with red and pink cocktail attire, and enjoyed goodies like heart-shaped buttercream Cheryl's cookies and a premium whiskey tasting.

    Those without a Valentine were able to bid on eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in the name of charity, including Marco Maffeo, Mary David, Michelle Stephenson, Mursal Zamanzada, Julian Epstein, Paul Pitcher, and Ruqaiyah Najjar.

    Additional guests included: ABC7's Scott ThumanMiss District of Columbia 2011 Ashley Boalch, Michael Darby, Dimitris George, Michele Hudson, Cindy Kemper, Kareem Kerdasa, Eve Monica, Jana Sedlakova, and Tahera Zamanzada.

    [Ashley Boalch, Michele Hudson, Mursal Zamanzada, Jana Sedlakova, Eve Monica, Tahera Zamanzada]

    [Jana Sedlakova]

    [Cedar Seneca ties and wines were just a few of the items available at the silent auction]

    [Michele Hudson]

    [DJ Dimitris George kept the energy up all night]