Sip With Socialites March "Hello Spring!" Happy Hour

by Sophie Pyle · March 15, 2013

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    Last night, the ladies of Sip with Socialites put on their high heels and spring dresses for their "Hello Spring!" cocktail party at George, which benefited Empowered Women International (EWI). This round, the party was hosted by the Zamanzada sisters, Tahera and Mursal.

    Guests sipped and socialized, intermittenly stopping only with each door prize announcement. Luxury gifts like "Up" by Jawbone, a Dior Beauty gift set, Cuffs of Love, a Clarins Skin Care set, bracelets from Swan Boutique and a $50 gift certificate to Fujimar were among the prizes. Apron designer Velma Crawford was at the party to show off her designs and talk about how EWI has impacted her life.

    Additional guests included: Angela Bevill, Miss District of Columbia 2011 Ashley Boalch, America's Miss District of Columbia 2013 Antoinette Cordova, Velma Crawford, Dimitris George, Sarah HillwareMichele Hudson, Cindy KemperKareem Kerdasa, Jiman Khosravan, Eve Monica, Jana Sedlakova, and Matt Schwartz.

    [Tahera Zamanzada, Jiman Khosravan, Mursal Zamanzada]

    [Angela Bevill, Ashley Boalch] [Jana Sedlakova]

    [EWI student Velma Crawford with models showing off her aprons]

    [Mursal Zamanzana] [Sarah Hillware, Antoinette Cordova]