Step Into The Real Housewives of DC 'Real' Premiere Parties

by NICOLE SIOBAL · August 9, 2010

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    The drama, politics and fabulosity of the Real Housewives of DC has finally hit our Nation’s capital! Thursday night marked the long awaited premiere of Bravo’s Real Housewives of DC (RHODC), and the parties were in full effect.  For the premiere viewing, Bravo and Half Yard Productions hosted an exclusive party for the cast, their families, and closest friends at the Madison Hotel which was followed by a REAL premiere after party hosted by Washington Life at Buddha Bar.  And GofG was front center of it all covering the parties. But before we give our readers a recap of the night’s festivities, let’s rewind to the ridiculous debacle this premiere party turned into prior to Thursday’s official viewing. If  you have been following GofG for the past weeks, then you are familiar with our past coverage of the online fiasco between DC blogger, Ask Miss A's Andrea Rodgers, and Howard Cromwell founder of DC’ s Most Fabulous magazine about the ‘so called premiere party.’   Miss A called out H.K, who claimed the party he was hosting along with the Salahis, was the Official Premiere Party of the RHODC. She also accused them of using a bogus charity for their so called fundraiser. The party was being hosted at ENF Lounge (hmm… a venue no one has really heard about) and was never approved by Bravo.  To say the least, everyone who is anyone in this town, knows that an exclusive party like this could never be hosted by random promoters charging up to $500! Ha…

    Anyways, let’s get back to the REAL juice. The Bravo premiere viewing party was a classy and intimate soiree at the Madison, with a very strict list.  The guest list was enforced to twenty names per housewife (we heard Mr. Paul Wharton also had his own list, ain’t that something!) Entering the room, we spotted the lovelies Lynda Erkiletian, Mary Amons, Stacie Turner and Catherine Ommanney. Missing in action were Michaele and Tareq Salahi, which was not a big surprise. We guess Bonnie and Clyde decided to skip the party, since we are sure they were probably not very welcome after the classless behavior Mr. Wallahi (GofG is officially naming him that!) pulled during the promotional tour in LA, when he decided to throw a glass of wine at Lynda Erkiletian. The ladies looked quite glam and after the show was over they took interviews from the media, including Extra and CNN to name a few.

    After the Madison, we headed over to the hot spot Buddha Bar for the official RHODC after party hosted by Washington Life Magazine. Again, the party was guest list only and in attendance were some big DC names. From politicians, PR moguls, philanthropists and socialites to some of the members of Washington Life Magazine’s Young and the Guest List, both Ebong Eka (Lynda’s handsome boyfriend) and Paul Wharton (claimed the 6th housewife) have made the list in the past.  In the mix, we also caught reality TV star, Omarosa and Kastles owner Mark Ein posing for the cameras. - The party was popping and the housewives were letting their hair loose by dancing, sipping champagne and taking pictures with friends, new fans and the massive number of photographers. At one point, we caught Mary Amons and Jason Backe (of Ted Gibson salon) getting their groove on the dance floor, like no one's business! One of the highlights of the night was probably the tall body guard following around the petite Erkiletian; I guess it takes more than handsome Mr. Eka to protect the petite feisty little lady from Mr. Wallahi

    The REAL premiere party of the RHODC was a lot of fun! After a full night GofG decided to stop by the late night Georgetown spot, Bistro Francais… and just when we thought the night was over, we noticed an old white limo in front of the restaurant which belonged to none other than the WALLAHIS… Seeing Michaele Salahi running out of the restaurant saying 'I love you' to the staff to get into the white limo reminded us of a low budget 90’s commercial…

    - Our suggestion to the Wallahis—please get rid of the old 80’s limo, it is 2010!! - photos 1,2 via Tony Powell