The Celebration Of JDR

by Sophie Pyle · February 25, 2013

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    On Saturday night, friends from NYC and DC gathered at the Darlington House to celebrate the 30th birthday of their friend JDR. The elegant soiree for Joseph Delano Rojakovick, as he is also known, properly capped off--nay, rivaled--his twenties.

    Guests enjoyed cocktails, a photo montage on the walls, and whimsical birthday buttons. In lieu of gifts, guests were asked to donate to Freedom to Marry.

    Additional guests included: Matt and Adrienne Allen, Megan & Andrew Corso, Javier de Diego, Missy Foy, Michael Frazier, Tyler Kalogeros-Treschuk, Peter Kossakowski, Anissa Masters, Natalie Nowak, Elizabeth J. Perla, Craig Robertson, Josephine Rodgers, Allison & Zeke Roeser, Kathleen Rooney, Eduardo Sardina III, Nikhil Sharma, Tamara Tiomkin, John Wilburn, and Sarah & George Wisnieski.

    [JDR takes a moment to thank the crowd at Darlington House]