UrbanDaddy Presents "Patron Secret Dining Club"

by Chiara Atik · May 11, 2010

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    At 4 pm Eastern time last Friday, members of the Patron Social Club in Washington DC were invited to a Secret Dining Society. The catch? In order to get a seat at the dinner, members had to solve a riddle first...-

    The riddle was:

    "On this site, there is a man, who speaks of a cottage in a story. The type of cottage is the password."

    Guests then had to search through the content on the site to find the Secret Word, which they then submitted. Those who correctly found the password were contacted by telephone and given the secret location, which just happened to be the Embassy of Finland. Cause that's how people roll in DC.

    The evening was themed "The Switch", where MasterChef and Mixologisted swapped ingredients behind closed doors.

    If you're interested in attending a secret dinner, "The Hunt" is scheduled for May 17th, in a TBA city. Stay tuned!