Vocus Hires Hundreds At Open House

by Sophie Pyle · October 9, 2012

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    Perhaps one factor in the recent low unemployment report could be traced to Vocus, a software/PR company which hired hundreds of new employees at their open house on Thursday. Vocus, which operates out of a Google-like campus in Beltsville, hosted close to 1,000 applicants for seminars, interviews and dinner in rooms with names like "Side Burns," "Bob's Garage," "Felicia's Flower Shop" and "Surf Shop."

    Vocus COO Bill Wagner greeted the applicants with a warm speech at the beginning of the evening. Vice President Peter Shankman spoke about building a personal brand, and Jessica Merrell shared her tips on blogging for jobs. Vocus CMO Jason Jue then took the mic to wish the applicants well as they split off to attend workshops, interviews, and building tours. Cocktails, hot food, and cupcakes were in ample supply, and gave applicants a "taste" of what working at Vocus could be like.

    Vocus was named one of the "Great Places to Work" by Washingtonian Magazine, one of the "Best Places to Work" by the Washington Business Journal and was ranked as one of the "25 Fastest-Growing Companies" by Forbes.

    The company continues to grow...so go HERE if you missed this open house and want to join their team!

    [Peter Shankman, VP] [Jessica Merrell] [CMO Jason Jue]

    [Some applicants challenged their interviewers to a game of hoops!]