VoyVoy Party On Eden's Rooftop

by Sophie Pyle · November 18, 2011

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    Eden's rooftop was packed with some seriously smoking hot Georgetown seniors and friends for a party for Nat Disston's VoyVoy clothing line. VoyVoy has been quickly gaining popularity since it was originally founded over a year and a half ago. Now, their howler monkey logo has been spotted all over the country, including on preppy/casual college campuses like Elon, Rollins, and Georgetown.

    VoyVoy is all about healthy living, subtle style, and good taste--the company donates a part of their profits to ecological programs! The cotton in their clothing is harvested by hand, and knit using environmentally neutral dyes.

    Check out their threads on their Web site HERE or become a fan on Facebook HERE!

    [DJ Matt Winter and Brikstah were spinning disks until 2 am]

    [Those that didn't already have VoyVoy hats bought them at the door as they walked in]

    [Why pop your collar when you can pop your pocket?]

    [VoyVoy founder Nat Disston]

    [Laura Fels, Alex Kloppenburg, and Guest of a Guest's Alexa Lombardo]