Washingtonian Style Setters 2012 Party

by Sophie Pyle · September 14, 2012

    [Style Setter Becca Thorsen with Washingtonian Fashion Editor Kate Bennett - more photos HERE]

    Last night, Washingtonian Magazine feted their 15 "Style Setters" at SAX Lounge. Marc Adelman, Brandon Andrews, Erik Bruner-Yang, John Carlson, Christo Doyle, Jonathan Fain, Elizabeth Baker Keffer, Barbara Martin, Nayan Patel, Heather Podesta, Jayne Sandman, Sai Sankoh, Bob Schieffer, Anchyi Wei and our fashion columnist, Becca Thorsen, were picked by Washingtonian's Fashion Editor Kate Bennett, and were photographed in a posh photoshoot at The Howard Theatre for their September issue.

    Naturally, we stayed in our corner and celebrated Becca's award, so we are a bit thin on the photos...but it was a great party with lots of VIPs in attendance, including most of the style setters, Carl Ray, Aba Kwawu, all of Becca's siblings (Robert, James, John and Mollie), Vanessa Rodriguez, Sondra Ortagus, Kelly Anne Smolinski, Simon Joseph, some of the BrandLink girls (Annie PerezchicaAshley Mason-Greene, Danielle Bolger, Tace Joelle Samet), Dannia Hakki, Cori Sue Morris, Becca Clara Love, Gina Dakkouni, Katharine Ragsdale, Mike RocksHilary Rocks, Toni Henderson, Justin Lange, Katherine Kennedy, Liz Owens, Maggie Pitts, Hollis Pica, Lolly Amons, Elizabeth Thorp, Elizabeth Fassbender, Kara ManosKrista Johnson....

    ...and the-one-who-shall-not-be-named: Michelle Obama's stylist, who coyly told me Carl Ray's laundry was what she does for a living (Carl does Michelle's makeup). Oh, to be you for just one day...

    [Carl Ray] [Toni Henderson, Justin Lange] [Sai Sankoh]

    [Robert, Becca, Mollie, James, and John Thorsen]

    [Cori Sue Morris, Máuhan Billingham] [Becca Thorsen, Mollie Thorsen, Sondra Ortagus, Maggie Pitts]

    [Washingtonian Publisher Cathy Merrill Williams and Kate Bennett address the crowd]