Woodrow Wilson House 24th Perennial Garden Party

by Sophie Pyle · May 17, 2012

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    It was a beautiful day at the Woodrow Wilson House for a garden party yesterday early evening. Ladies and gents donned their best hats for the hat competition, and guests indulged in light bites and cocktails as they perused the blooming flowers and silent auction on the grounds. The party, now in its 24th year, is a rite of passage from spring to summer and a staple on the Washington social calendar.

    Guests included: Grant Allen, Susan Arney, Chris Borgeson, Fritz Brogan, Lindsey Drath, Brooke Henderson, Katherine Kennedy, Carissa Maguire, Diana Minshall, Rory Pillsbury, Lauren Pomponio, Brittany Prime, Will Rabbe, Kendall Arney Vincent and Elizabeth Wilson.

    [Junior committee co-chairs Elizabeth Wilson, Diana Minshall and Kendall Arney Vincent]

    [Hat contest winners: Susan Arney, Will Rabbe, Diana Minshall]

    [Lauren Pomponio] [Elizabeth Wilson]

    [Carissa Maguire, Chris Borgeson] [Brooke Henderson, Katherine Kennedy]

    [Kendall Arney Vincent]