Rocklands BBQ Food Truck

by Sarah Kencel · February 1, 2013

    Just in the nick of time! Last week everyone's favorite BBQ joint in DC, Rocklands, officially rolled out it's food truck. With the cold front coming in, nothing sounds better then some comfort pulled chicken and mac salad.

    Open Since: Last week

    Why we like it: Seriously? Its freezing outside and we are hungry. Cue the delicious BBQ.

    The Menu: You'll find most of the traditional Rocklands  grub on here, slightly altered to make it curbside friendly. Our favorites? Pulled chicken, chopped pork, the mac salad and the cornbread. Really, quite all of it. A winning combo of a sandwich, two sides and a soda comes out to $10. Vegetarian options are also available.

    Follow it: @RocklandsTruck

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