Find Your Perfect Match At The Glover Park Crush Party With Hinge On Thursday, December 6 (Prep Required)

by Sophie Pyle · November 24, 2012

    Like John Mayer once said, no one wants to be alone at Christmastime. Find and meet your perfect match at the Hinge crush party on Thursday, December 6. We've worked with the founders of the addictive dating app to pick out dozens of cool, cute single Glover Park girls who will be Hinging away between now and the party, and lucky bachelors will be invited to meet them. Those girls will also be bringing some of their cute single gal pals to join in on the fun.

    If you are single, this is a can't miss party, because it'll be packed with cuties. Trust us.

    Where: Town Hall, 2218 Wisconsin Avenue NW

    When: Thursday, December 6, 7-11pm

    What To Do: Play Hinge and find your perfect match!

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