Join Us Tomorrow For GofG's Great Gatsby Gala!

by Sophie Pyle · March 20, 2013

    Join us for the Great Gatsby Gala, where socials will be donning their best three-piece suits and flapper gear in the Huxley Ballroom, sipping on Deep Eddy Vodka cocktails.DJ Esso just joined the party as the DJ, and we love him and his ability to set a party on fire.

    Joy Asico will be snapping black and white photos all evening.

    For the real Jay Gatsbys, VIP tables are available for $500 and include admission for 6 people, and a bottle of Deep Eddy Vodka and Sweet Tea Vodka.

    Deep Eddy Vodkas are high quality handmade spirits made from the finest ingredients in Austin, Texas, distilled ten times for a smooth taste. (Here is a list of some of our favorite DC bars that have Deep Eddy on their shelves.)

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    View more photos from round 1 HERE.