Hinge: The Launch Party

by Sophie Pyle · February 8, 2013

    Go HERE for more party photos by Ben Droz, and go HERE for arrival photos by Marcus Bennett!

    There was a wild warehouse party for Washington singles at the new 1776 Campus for Hinge, the addictive dating app that matches people with friends-of-friends by matching up couples based on their personalities and what they look for in a mate. The famous Viceroy was spinning loud techno beats as hundreds of guests danced in his lazer beams, and there were virtually no drink lines as dozens of bartenders unloaded cocktails as fast as they could from Tito’s Vodka, Catoctin Creek Whiskey and Green Hat Gin.

    We noticed quite a few matches pairing off at the end of the night...as well as a few of you that were wearing blue wristbands (for single people) when you should have been wearing white ones. Naughty naughty! After-parties were held at George and The Huxley.

    Download the app to your iPhone and start saving your favorites HERE!

    Next up: Hinge for Android!

    [Viceroy via]

    [Krista Johnson, Sondra Ortagus, Maggie Pitts] [Theresa Phillippe, Caroline Macmillan, David Tafuri]

    [Meredith Fineman, Dr. Mark Drapeau] [Svetlana Legetic, Leo Schmid, Shauna Alexander]

    [Hinge co-founder Bennett Richardson w fiancée Lindsey Johnson] [w co-founder Justin McLeod]