Georgetown Blogger Crawl

Ashlee Tuck, Morgan Fykes, Mel Burgos, Lacey Faeh, Wendy Ezrailson, Angelica Talan, Krysten Royster, Tanvi Rastogy, Alicia Chew, Carlis Sanchez What: Georgetown Blogger Crawl Where: Blue Mercury, Hela Spa, Dr. Martens, Reddz Trading, Pinstripes Who was there: Mel Burgos, Carlis Sanchez, Morgan Fykes, Tammy Preston, Ashlyn Williams, Alicia Chew, Lacey Faeh, Angelica Talan, Ashlee Tuck, Kristyn Royster, Tanvi Rastogy Other details: Guest of a Guest and Spicy Candy DC organized the third regional Blogger Crawl in Georgetown to spotlight local retail locations in anticipation of the holiday shopping season. A group of 15 bloggers met at Blue Mercury on a Saturday morning to shop the city's best variety in premium beauty brands and begin visits to a series of Georgetown locations including Hela Spa (an upstairs wellness and beauty spa that just celebrated its 10-year anniversary and is located next to Billy Reid); Dr. Martens (known for their comfortable and fashionable boots as well as chunky heels and kids items); Reddz Trading (DC's top high-end resale store where coveted designer items are found for a fraction of their original price; and Pinstripes where the group sipped cocktail, enjoyed steak sliders and played bowling and boccie. Abbey BrandonHela SpaAshlyn WilliamsAshlee Tuck, Tammy Preston, Mel Burgos, Kristyn Royster, Angelica Talan, Tanvi RastogyAleta SteeleTanvi RastogyMel Burgos, Jessica HoyTanvi Rastogy, Kristyn RoysterPinstripes GeorgetownAlicia Chew, Lacey Faeh, Ashlee Tuck, Mel Burgos, Tanvi Rastogy, Carlis SanchezAlicia Chew, Lacey Faeh, Ashlee Tuck, Mel Burgos, Tanvi Rastogy, Carlis Sanchez [Photos via Guest of a Guest, Spicy Candy DC, Cap FABB]
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