Sing Your Heart Out At Mari Vanna

by Sophie Pyle · February 13, 2013

    Go HERE for more photos from this event!

    Last night, new Russian hot spot Mari Vanna hosted friends of GofG for a karaoke party fueled by an open vodka bar. Although only a few were brave enough to grab the mic, the intimate crowd had a blast on the third floor cuddling up on the couches between shots of horseradish-infused vodka (it sounds gross but it's actually amazing).

    Guests included: Mari Vanna Maitre d' Kile Duvall Brown, Irina Boyar, Julie Collins, Randall Casper, Ben Droz, Jamie Drucker, Suzanne Duarte, Alyssa Farah, George Foulard, Frances Sabatier Giro, Michelle Goodliff, Dannia Hakki, Maha Hakki, Daniel Heider, Frank Hoyos, Nick Hunter, Adam Klopp, Lori Gonzalez Lazzarini, Becky Lee, Chris Ley, Liz Owens, Brittany Prime, Therese Quiao, Will Rabbe, John Robinson, Courtney Jane Rosellini, Matthew Schwartz, Becca Thorsen, Katie Warren, and Lucien Zeigler.

    [The Hakki cousins: Dannia and Maha Hakki]

    [Courtney Jane Rosellini, Irina Boyar] [Katie Warren, Ben Droz]

    [Horseradish shots!]

    [Mari Vanna Maitre d' Kile Duvall Brown]

    [Jamie Drucker, Michelle Goodliff] [John Robinson, Suzanne Duarte]

    [Becky Lee, Lori Gonzalez Lazzarini, Frances Sabatier Giro]

    [Kaitlyn Reilly, Will Rabbe, Alyssa Farah] [Randall Casper, Nick Hunter]

    [Becca Thorsen, Liz Owens]

    [Suzanne Duarte, John Robinson]

    [Becca Thorsen, George Foulard] [Irina Boyar]

    [Courtney Jane Rosellini, Daniel Heider, Irina Boyar] [Liz Owens, Becca Thorsen]