Eavesdropping In: Argentina Loves The Gays So Much It Wants To Marry Them, And Verizon Doesn't Need The iPhone

by MADELEINE STARKEY · July 15, 2010

    That Iranian scientist?  Kidnapped or not, the U.S. is saying they paid him $5 million for nuclear secrets.  See? We're nice kidnappers [WashPo]

    Eek!  Verizon might not need the iPhone in order to dominate the cool-phone world? [NYTimes]

    BP doesn't just kill mother earth.  They're racist too [HuffPo]

    Rep. Sue Wyrick (R-NC) is only concerned about border patrol because it's how Hezbollah gets into our country [Wonkette]

    Hooray for gays in Argentina! They can wed [WSJ]