Eavesdropping In: Don't Bring Drugs To The Hill If You Want To Keep Said Drugs And Your Job, Mini Hippos Are Cute, And Pony Up For Your Loony 9/11 Celebration (?) With Palin & Beck

by MADELEINE STARKEY · September 9, 2010

    Want to share your 9/11 with Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin (in Alaska, mind you)?  That'll be $73-225 [Salon]

    The real reason for Lauryn Hill's tardiness at Rock the Bells [PerezHilton]

    Weapons aren't the only thing they screen for when you enter the Capitol.  Drugs are also verboten you geese [Gawker]

    High School football prepares Texan native for his rise to the top, in a Mexican drug cartel [NYTimes]

    Look at this weird pygmy hippo! [HuffPo HipPo]