Eavesdropping In: Don't Speed In D.C. Unless You Like Paying Speeding Tickets, And Don't Take Pills For Air France Flights

by BENOIT HABER · July 21, 2010

    Senate judiciary committee approves Kagan nomination for Supreme Court [NYPost]

    British retailer Allsaints to replace Georgetown's Club Monaco space? [WashCityPaper]

    12 more reasons (read: speed cameras) not to speed in the District [WashPo]

    No more Xanax for you on Air France flights; you could get pick pocketed while sleeping [NYDailyNews]

    Are things finally looking up in the Gulf? [HuffPo]

    British woman, inspired by SATC's Samantha, sleeps with 1,000 men.  No, we're not kidding. [Newso'theWorld]