Eavesdropping In: Don't Tweet If You Work For CNN, Lebron Goes To Miami, And Boston Loves The Gays

by MADELEINE STARKEY · July 9, 2010

    Be careful what you Tweet for.  At CNN, it could get you canned [WashPo]

    The gays love Boston, where a judge ruled whom you marry ain't none of Uncle Sam's beeswax [Politico]

    It's official: those spies have been deported.  But what's going to happen to their kids? [HuffPo]

    Forgive the obvious phrase, but it has to be said: Lebron's in Miami, bitch! And peeps are pissed [NYTimes]

    Silly bandz r gr8!  And want to stay that way, i.e. not suffer the same fate as pogs [WSJ]