Eavesdropping In: Everyone Loves A Good Corporate/Pseudo Sex-Scandal, But Nobody Likes A Metro Brawl

by MADELEINE STARKEY · August 9, 2010

    Yet another reason riding the metro is less than desirable: impromptu brawls [WaPo]

    Gen. Dave Petraeus launches pro-Afghanistan war media campaign [HuffPo]

    TSA cracks down on the real issues: snow globes are banned on flights (phew) [Wonkette]

    The best way to launch your name to fame it to get involved in a scandal and also conveniently have sex tapes of yourself available.  Jodie Fisher, of HP infamy, proves this approach is not reserved for the Kim Kardashian, Montana Fishburne, age bracket.  Every scandal get a little better when either real or fake porn is involved! [Gawker]

    Every generation has its bigotry 'isms' and irrational fears.  Ours is "Islamophobia"!! [Salon]