Eavesdropping In: YOU Can Buy Elvis's White Grand Piano, Or Another White Substance (Congress Lessened Crack Cocaine Felony Laws) And One More Piece Of Evidence That Chelsea Is Getting Hitched In Rhinebeck, NY

by MADELEINE STARKEY · July 29, 2010

    Another effing oil spill?!  In Michigan this time [WashPo]

    Congress narrows disparity between crack and powder cocaine felony sentencing criteria...lessening the claims that drug laws are racist? [HuffPo]

    Arizona judge outlaws blatant racial profiling when she declares the state's anti-Mexican shenanigans uncool.  Illegal immigrants rejoice [Wonkette]

    Elvis's white grand piano is up for auction, hound dog [PerezHilton]

    Chelsea Clinton's wedding means no fly zone.  So it's in Rhinbeck, NY then, yes?  [NYMag]