Snowball Guys Bring More Entertainment To Dupont With 'Soccer In The Circle'

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · June 11, 2010

    Michael Lipin, the guy behind the epic snowball fight in Dupont Circle during snowmageddon, is teaming up with Aaron DeNu to bring D.C.ers another unforgettable event tomorrow in Dupont Circle. 'Soccer in the Circle', will project three World Cup games on Saturday onto giant screens in the park for fans.

    The fan festival, now part of the greater Dupont Festivals, is one of 64 requests for public viewings of the World Cup in the United States, an will project World Cup games onto two giant screens for all D.C. fans to see. Along with the games, 'Soccer in the Circle' will bring further entertainment to the community with various performers and an appearance from Eddie Pope, a legendary defender for US Men’s National Soccer Team.

    Originally aiming to raise enough money to just show the U.S. vs. England opening match, the duo has exceeded their original fund-raising hopes and will now be bringing three matches to the Dupont screens on Saturday. Their next goal is to raise additional funds to hold an additional fan festival for the final game on Sunday, July 11th. The festival this weekend will have a table in the park to collect cash and check donations, along with PayPal accessible on their website, with hopes of funding July's final match as well as future events to add to the Dupont Festivals line-up throughout the year.

    via Washington Post

    [Dupont Circle Snowball Fight, Feb 6, 2010. Via NBC]

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