Ten Questions with Monique Thompkins

by Sophie Pyle · December 9, 2011

    Monique Thompkins is the ultimate DC it-girl: she's a born and bred Washingtonian, she was recently crowned Miss DC USA, and she is in the middle of her second season as a Washington Redskins cheerleader. Find out what makes this beauty queen tick, besides Obama, crab feasts and lemonade refills:

    Tell me something about you that most people don’t know?

    I am quite the introvert. People love to put me on the spot because of my performance background but I definitely have a shy side that most people never really expect unless they really know me.

    What’s the biggest risk you ever took?

    I definitely have to say choosing to major in dance in college was a huge risk for me. I had so many people in my ear telling me that I would never be able to do anything once I graduated with a degree in dance, and it scared me a little. I loved to dance but my livelihood was definitely important to me. Fortunately, I have a very supportive family that backed my decision. I decided I would just work even harder and prove it to myself and I can't say I have any regrets so far.

    Most memorable DC moment?

    Obama’s election! If you lived in DC, were in DC at the time or anywhere close to DC you saw the frenzy. In my 23 years, I had never seen so many people visiting this city.

    Favorite place to go when you don’t have anywhere to be?

    Downtown in DC. There is a never ending list of things to do downtown: museums, great restaurants, the movies at Gallery Place and if you aren’t too tired then a round or two of bowling at Lucky Strike. That sounds like an ideal day!

    What would you choose to be your last meal?

    Crabs!! All I need are Old Bay, paper towels and a constant refill of lemonade and I can out-eat anyone in crabs (that is a challenge for anyone willing to accept).  :)

    One thing you can’t live without?

    This answer used to always be TV. I love staying in tune with that is going on around me but we have so many resources, i.e. internet and smart phones. I think I can always stay on top of the news and my favorite shows without a TV.

    What constitutes “making it?”

    I think every time you achieve a goal and give 110 percent in something you have done then you made it. I don’t look at making it as an ending but a beginning. Once you “make it,” it is up to you to now achieve more in that area or another. I am always striving to improve or be better.

    What would your superhero name be? What special powers would you have?

    I tried for 30 minutes to think of a cool name, I even asked a few friends but came up with nothing, well nothing I consider a cool superhero name. If I could have any powers I would have lightening speed, be able to fly, and able to control time. The lightening speed is pretty self explanatory. I think flying would just be something fun to be able to do. It would also come in handy when there is traffic which seems to be always present in DC. I would love to control time simply to hold on a little longer to some cherished moments. Time always seems to fly when you are doing something you really care about. On the other hand, we all have moments when we feel like time couldn’t go fast enough.

    What’s the best 2k you have ever spent?

    I was always raised to work for everything in life. I was never given anything from my family. I paid my way through college and had to buy my own car (some things others are fortunate to have given to them). I think the best 2k was spent when I bought myself my very first brand new car. It was a gift to myself for working so hard and I was definitely excited to say I was able to do this on my own.

    We're obsessed with the idea of "secret celebrities." Who do you think deserves more attention in the spotlight, and who do you think deserves less?

    I don’t think I have a place to say who deserves to have fewer spotlights and I can’t pin point one celebrity that needs more. I will say I wish looks didn’t factor so much when it came to talent. I believe in being well rounded but I feel like sometimes one’s physical appearance has more weight than the talents/gifts they possess and can be a major cause for someone to not "make it". I would love to see looks take a backseat to true talent.