Opinion: DC's Taxi Conflict

by Sophie Pyle · September 21, 2011

    A lawsuit has been filed by the D.C. Taxi Commission against Mayor Vincent Gray claiming that meter rates are the reason incomes have fallen 30% among cab drivers.

    I have a better idea. Are there any DC residents that want to file a lawsuit against the D.C. Taxi Commission for aggressive driving among their members? Or taking up two lanes of traffic in rush hour? Or--the WORST--never having change for their passengers? The stand-off I've had for the last five cabs in a row when they've dropped me off without change has been really, really annoying.

    Plus, I hated the zone fares. Meters are less expensive for passengers and less misleading for tourists. I had a driver that purposefully took a long route to cover extra zones and charge me more when I was a teenager. Meters are also fair: you can see the fare climbing as your journey continues.

    Also, when are we going to get credit card machines in our taxis? They're freaking awesome. Virginia and Maryland cabs have them, so should D.C.! I guess it would make it harder on you guys to collect our $20s with no change after $7 rides, but it would make us, your passengers, a lot happier.

    That being said, there are a lot of honest cab drivers, so you guys keep doing your thing. Please, please keep doing your thing.

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