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Coca Cola

1. Coca Cola During a TV interview somebody served accidentally him a Pepsi instead of his beloved Diet Coke. A true discovery. The next day I received the order to throw out all the cans that are white and red and substitute them with the new magic mix, which apparently tasted more like Coke and its bubbles felt better in the stomach.” Arnaud Maillard, “Merci Karl” In light of this revelation, Karl's design work for the Coke Light fashion bottles seems a little hypocritical. Then again, he clearly has a price at which he will advertise for almost everything: Volkswagen, the pay-tv channel Sky,  Magnum ice cream, Rosenthal porcelain and the list goes on and on. And although he promised he wouldn't advertise for meat and condoms, he also famously stated that he doesn't care much about what he said yesterday. [Photo via]

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