Tell me about one of your recent posts, titled 'don't lean in, don't hold back.'

We were doing this exercise in acting class, we were sitting back to back with a partner and it was noticing whether or not you would tend to lean in or pull away when in contact with someone else, and then exaggerating the movement, and seeing if you can meet in the middle. And we were just doing it as a physical exercise, and that brought to me in my mind when we connect with people. In our relationships, our friendships or our romantic relationships, some people have the tendency to really lean in and put all their weight on the other person and in that connection it's just about dumping it all out, [while others are] retreating or pulling back and being like 'No, I don't want to be in that meeting point.' 

Why not be able find that nice center point, where two individual beings can come and meet there, actually looking at each other and connecting in that place, without needing that tendency? So we all have our tendencies, but it's a matter of how do we work through them, so the first step is being aware that you have that tendency. So we can switch that and make it so that all of our connections and all of our meetings are there with our full presence, without leaning or without pushing away.

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