What’s your typical day like?

[“My friend Ahram shot that photo. I have like a wildly talented photographer friend and every now and then he’ll do me favors and shoot me when I need him to and so he framed that for me on my 23rd birthday. I was like, ‘I don’t even know what to do with this.’”] What’s your typical day like? “I wake up around 7:00. I’m by my computer until like 9:30-10, and then I typically have all meetings during the day, but I guess in the last two weeks it’s been me by my computer from like 7:30 until like 5:00 writing my book.” What do you see doing next? Would you like to continue writing? “I would – if I could make real changes in my writing and it could become smarter and convey a bigger point I would love to continue writing because I think its such a gift to be able to express yourself and express yourself in a way that’s inspiring to other people.” It’s kind of nerve wracking right, I mean opening up your soul on paper like that? “Well yeah!”
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