"Guest what, you’re a feminist.’ Ha that’s a new hash tag!"

[Art by 20x200 – a company on The Li.st.] Have you guys had any pushback from people? Rachel: “Oh my god, my life has been pushback! Even explaining to Henry Blodget on Twitter that there may be other reasons that women might have trouble rising at Goldman Sachs other than that they like to make babies and are just not ambitious. You know you have to combat the centuries of default assumptions that favor white men. Then there's the criticisms that you’re just complaining - that if you really had talent you would just go out and do it, and you get that and it’s very wearing. Actually one of the most wearing things is when I encounter other strong amazing women who say, ‘Oh I’m not a feminist but…’ I just saw this yesterday on Facebook, someone who’s a leader of a woman’s organization said ‘Well I’m not a feminist, but…’ I was like ‘What?! Do you think you should have control over your own body? Do you think you should make as much as a man for the same work, do you think that when you get married your husband shouldn’t own you? Guess what? You’re a feminist!’” G: (laughing) “’Guest what, you’re a feminist.’ Ha that’s a new hash tag!"
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