"I ask my male message magnifiers – my triple m’s to do me some favors.”

[Rachel in a faux-fur scarf featured on Of A Kind, a company on the Li.st] A lot of people would argue that women have made it to an equal place, they are outdoing men in graduation rates from college, etc.Why is the Li.st important now more than ever? Rachel: “That’s what makes it hard actually. Because that’s the reason why we sort of flat lined in the first place. Women hit this point where they were going to school, they were graduating, they were making careers and people were saying, ‘Okay sexism is over, equality has been reached.’ But that didn’t happen because there’s two layers, there’s the explicit stuff: ‘No girls allowed!’ - and then there’s the implicit stuff: ‘Hey lets go for a couple rounds of golf, just us guys, this is our fun time, this is our off time.’ And so now what you see as the fun time, the off time is whom people choose to follow on twitter. That’s my twitter account; I follow who I think is relevant. So you see a lot of influential taste making men following other men, re-tweeting other men, noticing other men, and I saw that very strongly in the tech industry, I see that in media. And I do a lot of back channeling, sending emails and direct messages saying ‘Hey you might want to look at this, you might want to re-tweet this.’ I ask my male message magnifiers – my triple M’s to do me some favors.”
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