Mama & Tata began when mom-to-be Jenna looked to sister/pro Candice for advice. When did you both think, "Hey, this all needs to go on the internet!"?

Candice: Jenna and I were both looking to start a business.  We both knew we wanted to do something that would work well with our busy Mama schedule, and that wouldn't compromise the time we spend with our children. Working from home, and doing something that incorporated some fun activities with our kids seemed like a perfect idea. We knew that if Jenna (a native New Yorker) needed a trusted resource to turn to for motherly advice, the information must be in high demand. We took a leap and never looked back.  

Jenna: We realized how lucky we were to have each other to lean on, and how many women out there don't have that sister relationship to rely on for advice. We knew so many women that would ask us for our go-to places for hair, nails, facials, doctors etc. since we grew up in NYC, so we wanted to create a trusted lifestyle resource and were motivated by the ability to help and benefit this amazing female community in NYC.

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