Porky's: Everything We Need To Know

by Joseph Russell · July 8, 2008

    porkys nightclubA while back, when the Rover broke down, I had the opportunity to chat with my tow-trucker, a young man who hailed from Riverhead. The conversation touched on many subjects -AVs, why the Brits can't make good cars, XBox 360's, why he loves Porky's... What is Porky's? I asked, curious. "The best club ever."

    Evidently Kendra Wilkinson agrees, as she chose to celebrate her birth at the Hampton Bays hotspot. And she's not the only one; a little facebook trawling, and I uncovered this. Apparently Porky's is the no.1 bar in the country, especially if you're a bachelorlette, beer pong champ, or a ROCK STAR. While I'm not much of a ponger, I do love me the occasional "after barn party." Those of you who've been, do you think Rachelle and I should check it out?