1 Oak Understands How The Other Half Hamptons

by Joseph Russell · June 25, 2008

    How The Other Half Hamptons launchFrom guestofaguest.com:

    One of my favorite interviews thus far was with the banker-turned-columnist-turned novelist Jasmin Rosemberg, whom I met at 1 Oak during one of Blackbook's bashes. At the time, I could hardly believe that someone so young had already written a novel, but soon after our meeting, a copy of How the Other Half Hamptons arrived at my door, full of what turned out to be very helpful scoop on the Hamptons nightlife scene and scenesters. The book launched June 23rd, and last night, many of Jasmin's ardent friends and fans united at 1 Oak (again!) to celebrate its author. If you, like I, missed out on the festivities, make sure you pick up the book!